Providing ambience for your family

Aryamitra. is a real estate and urban infrastructure development company based in Hyderabad, India. With over a decade long experience in developing properties, Aryamitra is now focusing on developing world-class gated community apartments in the city. Aryamitra is known for its imaginatively conceptualized living and office spaces, detail oriented, planning and energy efficient design. With sights set on creating benchmarks in the industry, future will see many more sustainable and profitable developments from the company.

The speed at which Aryamitra has journeyed in this industry and the incredible volumes it has built is a reflection of our deep passion, commitment and expertise. It is an amalgamation of multifarious strategic initiatives that have raised the company to the pinnacle of excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to fulfil the needs of the people who wish to live in inner city Hyderabad and to serve the surrounding community